Thursday, June 17

Coronavirus latest news: Restrictions could remain in place into the New Year, says NHS executive –

At the Government’s Covid data briefing this week, alarming graphs revealed rapidly growing infection rates nationwide, from one in 2,200 people in August to one in 85 now. 

The number of people in hospital with Covid in England over the same period reflected that dramatic rise, going from a few hundred to more than 14,300.

But a closer look, by region, showed something else. As might be expected, the South was faring far better than the North. Fewer people were going to hospital across the South-East, South-West and east of England combined than in Yorkshire, where 376 people were admitted on Sunday.

One region, above all, appeared to be thriving – London, where new ONS figures showed that, in contrast to every other part of the country, there are currently no “excess deaths” at all compared to previous years. 

The percentage of those testing positive in the capital, at 0.71 per cent, is lower than any other region bar the East. Not only that, the infection rate in London is trending noticeably down from its peak of 0.85 per cent about three weeks ago.

Harry de Quetteville has more on why this may be the case here. 

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