Sunday, June 13

4 Stabbed and One Shot as Trump Supporters and Opponents Clash – The New York Times

At night, four people were stabbed near 11th Street and F Street Northwest, according to Douglas Buchanan, a spokesman for the city’s fire department. The mayor’s office said that the four were in critical condition, adding that two police officers also were hurt and taken to hospitals. The authorities did not provide any other details, including which groups of protesters the injured belonged to.

Throughout the day, the police arrested at least 23 people, including six on charges of assaulting a police officer, the mayor’s office said.

Earlier in the day, the pro-Trump crowd in Washington had appeared jubilant at times, despite the setbacks in the courts and the dwindling time remaining before Jan. 20, when Mr. Biden is due to be sworn in. They rewrote the refrain of the Van Halen song “Jump” to say, “Might as well Trump!” Others sold Trump-themed T-shirts and other items advertising his false claims of electoral fraud.

Some demonstrators were more confident than others that Mr. Trump could secure a second term despite losing the election.

Phyllis Monson, 61, who drove for several days from Tonopah, Ariz., to attend the rally, said that she was not sure what steps remained available to overturn the election but that she was convinced it had been unfair.

“This election was such a fraud,” Ms. Monson said. “There needs to be a revote.”

Luther Anderson, 30, said he had voted for former President Barack Obama and for Mr. Trump but could not envision Mr. Biden as president. Mr. Trump has released Black people from prison through a criminal justice overhaul, he noted, while Mr. Biden contributed to the 1994 crime bill that lengthened criminal sentences for many people, many of them Black and some of whom remain imprisoned.

“The media’s trying to make him this good guy and then make Trump the villain,” said Mr. Anderson, who lives in Washington. “It’s like the media, they’re trying to, like, brainwash.”

Hailey Fuchs and Pranshu Verma reported from Washington, and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs from Aurora, N.Y. Mike Baker contributed reporting from Seattle; Hallie Golden from Olympia, Wash.; Sean Keenan from Atlanta; and Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio from New York.

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